What’s for Dinner?

Have you ever wondered how you can elevate the dining room in your facility? The culture of long term care has changed. We no longer have patients or residents in our dining rooms, but customers. Therefore, let me give you some simple tips to better please your customers.

  1. Garnish!: This is a very simple and cheap way to get a better meal presentation. Use herbs such as parsley, rosemary, basil and thyme or citrus like lemon or lime wedges or a sprinkle of seeds such as sesame seeds. Try adding whip cream, powdered sugar or chocolate curls to desserts.
  2. Attractive Dishes & Table Settings: Try swirl bowls for salads, plates with scalloped edges, and linen napkins. On the table consider keeping condiments and a decorative centerpiece.
  3. Plate Presentation: Take pictures of how you want the plate presented and keep it next to the recipe for staff. This ensures dietary employees have all the tools to provide our customers with a perfectly presented plate. We recommend using puree food molds to prevent food confusion. Food molds help customers identify the food item they are presented with.
  4. Dessert & Snack Carts: Elevate your dessert and snack cart by providing a larger variety of choices. Instead of using dietary carts to deliver these goods, consider purchasing a more restaurant-style delivery cart that puts desserts and snacks on display.
  5. Atmosphere: Play soothing music during meal service. Upgrade lighting and choose darker colors for walls to make it more intimate.
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Need assistance elevating your dining room?

Grace Nutrition Consultants are experienced long term care professionals. We can assist in your dining room as well as with nutrition consulting, survey readiness, ServSafe® certification, menu development, and more.

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